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Don’t let the dark keep you from running

In this world of technology and specifically the development of LED light technology, there is no excuse to stop running when the sun goes down.  Turn off your computer or television, leave the kids with your husband, get on your running attire and pick up your headlamp.

What?  Some of you might be thinking that there is no way you would run with a flashlight strapped to your head, but think again.  Cyclists, climbers, spelunkers (caving), hikers, nordic skiers and other outdoor sporting enthusiasts have been using headlights for years.  Sometimes they are strapped to the bike, sometimes to your helmet and even sometimes to your head.  For some sports like hiking and climbing wearing a light on your heads seems to be okay because you are going at a slower speed.  Now for all of us who prefer to run than walk, we have light-weight lights that don’t bounce around when we run.  AND these lights offer enough light so that we can see what we need to see when moving at a faster pace.

These little headlamps offer adjustable straps, long burn time (some models up to 39hrs), setting options, hinged beam adjustments, advanced focus, rear little light, etc.  All the great features you will need to have a good time out in the bush or along the city streets at night.  If you are going out on the trail, make sure that you have a back up light source and you have a minimum 150 lumens (unless it is a full moon or you are part bat).  IF you are running around town like I was last night, you can get away with a headlamp that is not as bright.  This is more to be seen than to see.  The COAST 7451 Micro LED headlamp I use for running in town weighs only 3.2oz, requires a AAA battery, has a small blue light in the back, 3.7 lumens and about 14.5 hours of battery life (not sure cost, but it is about $25-$30CDN).  If I am heading out on the trail for a run, ski or snowshoe, I use the H7 Headlamp with 150 lumens and more adjustable for focus and light strength.  I think they are between $50-$100, but don’t quote me on that.  Either way, considering the many uses, the freedom it offers you, the fun factor and the length of time you will have this?  It is well worth the investment.

If you are in the Burlington area, you can contact Neworld Runners, because I know that Dr. Joe just ordered them for his customers.  Walmart, Rona and Home Depot are COAST light retailers.

Coast Lights offers other reasons to use your new headlight – 1 uses for a headlamp

Coast Lights blog – Experience Trail Running

Note:  PLEASE take all necessary precautions when out night running. I always recommend going with a group when trail running and run on familiar trails. When running in town I suggest staying on lit roads.



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