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Winter Cycling Clothes for the Guy in your Life

While working full time in the security industry I met a handful of people that cycled (strange, but there aren’t too many) and we have stayed connected.  When he found out that I am now representing the Pearl Izumi Bike & Run apparel line here in Ontario, Canada he asked the question that we have all asked at some point when we started to bike – “HELP!   What do we where when the Fall & Winter comes?  I don’t want to go inside yet!”

When you live in the Northern United States or in Canada (like we do) we try all that we can to stay outside as long as we can.  AND then in the Spring we want to get out as early as possible.  Clothes are important.  So… this is what I sent to him. Oh.. we talked about other bike stuff as well.. of course.

I know what you mean about missing your bike.  It is hard to explain to someone who hasn’t spent time in the saddle, but for some of us.. it seems to be a point of homeostasis for us.  A place where we seem centred and our head is clear.  The bike is just the catalyst.

Pearl Izumi’s winter line up has always been one of their forte’s.  I don’t know how guys ride WITHOUT bibs!  The freedom to just breathe without restriction around the stomach just makes sense.  AND to have the chamois stay where it is suppose to is always nice.  So you need: Bib shorts, a good base layer, long sleeve, wind/water resistant tight and then a tech soft-shell jacket (then of course the accessories – skull cap, gloves, booties, neck gaiter, etc.).  I unfortunately do NOT have access to the line until January 2012 (that is when Shimano takes over distribution here in Canada).  I am heading to Louisville Colorado in November to the Head office to see the Winter 2012 line up.

Here are some links to suggestions

Baselayer – Pearl is good, but lots of competition out there.  Whatever you have already for Spring and Summer will be good first layer

PRO Bib – PRO is their top end short.  Can use this as base in winter and then as a short in summer.  Most breatheable, best chamois, and best material and process inhanced to keep your body at the optimal temperature.  Not all wicking material is able to keep the speed of liquid to evaporation at the pace our bodies need as they heat up.  Pearl Izumi uses a product (from manufacturer Cocona) that seems to have this dialed in.


PRO WXB Jacket (WXB is their wind/water resistant fabric)

PRO WXB Tights

PRO Thermal Long sleeve Jersey – This is great for Spring and Fall or for REALLY cold days to wear under your WXB jacket.  You may just want to get a light weight jersey/baselayer with zip that is long sleeve to wear under your jacket for those not so crazy cold days.

WXB Glove – BUT you might want to consider lobster gloves if you are going to go out in the really cold days.

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