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My Cycling Chic wish list

 I love this ornament from Cycle & Style.  Their recent post on Holiday Gift Guide for the Chic Cyclist has some really novel ideas for the female cyclist.  But are these REALLY items that women want, or are they just something that says

“Hey, I know you are a girl that bikes, so this is what you would like”.

Well, maybe for many women cyclists these are items that they are dreaming of for Christmas, but secretly the hard-core cyclist in many of us female cyclists are screaming

“PLEASE get us a new XTR groupo for my mountain bike.”

For the roadie in us, we would really like to see a new shiny Ultegra Di2 groupo wrapped up with a pink ribbon under the Christmas tree this year.

Yes, I know, those are pretty hefty presents for Santa to deliver, but when you ask what we want…

So here is the beginning of my Christmas wish list:

  1. Ultegra Di2 Groupo
  2. XTR Groupo
  3. Shimano M980 XTR pedals
  4. Weekend in Fernie, BC with Sacred Rides
  5. THULE Roof Rack & Cargo box
  6. Mini Coop- Countryman (to go with my THULE roof rack of course)
  7. Firtees Ride Kit
  8. A weekend to get my hands dirty with some expert guidance on the ins-and-outs of how my bike(s) work.
  9. Socks (yes, my dryer eats them)
  10. New cycling dress

That is a good start.  What is on your cycling list?



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