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Banff Mountain Film Festival 2012 – Review

Banff Mountain Film Festival 2012

Banff Mountain Film Festival 2012

Sketchy Andy - Slacklining

Sketchy Andy - Slacklining

One word… AMAZING!

Whether you are an adrenaline seeker yourself or someone who just loves great films about real people and their stories, this is an event you don’t want to miss.

All ages.

Incredible stories, photography, music and atmosphere.

  • Ice-climbing in Alaska
  • Kayaking in the Congo – an unexpected twist in this film
  • Slack-lining by ‘Sketchy-Andy’ and his friends
  • Skiing – Powder and through the ‘urban jungle’
  • A 25-year-old man crosses Eurasia on horseback – meeting nomadic people along the way, exploring what it must have been like for people who  traveled that way before him many years ago, and a personal journey for him as he grieves for the recent loss of his father.  It took him 3 years!  (my favorite)
  • And more!

I had the pleasure of seeing this year’s festival in Hamilton, Ontario last night with friends (and a couple hundred other people!).  A special thanks to Adventure Attic for bringing the Banff Mountain Film Festival 2012 to the Hamilton area.  Tickets were only $15.00 and worth every penny.

If you missed it? 

The Festival is coming to Toronto – March 23 – 25 2012

More information

Banff Mountain Film Festival Toronto 2012


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