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Slow and Steady – Doctor’s orders

Slow and Steady - Doctor's orders

Today was my first “SLOW and STEADY” run.   20min, flat roads, and maximum 146 bpm.

After visiting with my doctor yesterday, he told me what I already knew in my head but hadn’t quite accepted  in my heart.  I need to start at the very basics and SLOWLY increase my speed and distance.  And when he says slowly, he means a ‘Hare’s’ pace.  He actually used the story of the Tortoise and the Hare for me to fully grasp what he was trying to tell me.

But, But…. I love to play! Run, Bike, Hike, Snowshoe, etc.  I do it because I love the excitement and thrill of just being out there, either on my own or with co-lovers of the sport.  I do it because of the love for the activity, fitness was always just an added bonus. I love to compete!  I love to win!  I love the adrenalin high of pushing my limits!

His response was (not surprising) that I would continue to crash and be set back.  I must be patient and strategic to obtain the athletic improvements that I seek, and manage my Fibromyalgia symptoms.

So how do I change my mindset to start doing all of these activities with fitness as my primary focus?

  •   Treat it like a business strategy – Business seems to come easier to me (my other blog) than my own physical well-being, so that is a start.  How many times does someone need to hear something before behavior is changed?  Well, in marketing there is a basic ‘Rule of 7′ but this isn’t cast in stone.  I think I have heard it at least seven times, so I should be ready to start.  And I thank all my friends and teammates that were part of  ‘seeding’ this message for me.
  • Monitor & Measure – Train with a Heart Rate Monitor (which Dr. Dicksen – Rheumatologist –  said was a very good thing) which will help me to stay in an aerobic zone.  Data such as: Time in zone, max & low heart rate, time of exercising, etc can be tracked and measured.  I can use this for a motivator as well as to watch out for any signs that I need to change my routine (i.e. inability to recover, unable to maintain typical HR, etc)
  • Support – Keep in touch with your health team for support.  My support team involves Doctors, Specialists, Massage Therapists and of course my Chiropractor.

Reality is that injuries, age and life has made this a little more challenging than it was when I was 20.   So, now.. I JUST have to do it, and do it consistently so I can keep playing.  Slow Road ImageAnd I do love to play.

Thanks to – – for her blog story on the Tortoise and the Hare (including the pic)  and for his blog post and pic on running SLOW.

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