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100 miles of Hope – Running with Doug Flis

DougFlisDoug Flis will run 104 miles for Mental Health.  

On Friday September 13 & 14 2013, Doug Flis (Grimsby Runners) will run 104 miles from Grimsby, Ontario to Ellicottville, New York to support Canadian Mental Health Association and Cattaraugus Mental Health.  

Mental Health has no borders.

Yes, to our Canadian readers, this is in MILES, not KILOMETRES.  He will start Friday morning  at 10am from Grimsby Runnersrun through the night, and expected to arrive mid-day at the Ilex Inn (6416 Route 242 East) in Ellicottville, NY.

Most people don’t like to even DRIVE their cars that much in one day!  

Doug and Jennifer (his ‘better’ half) have put an amazing amount of time into organizing and training for this event.  They believe it is a worthy cause.

“We will be striving to raise money to benefit youth programs for both of these fantastic organizations.  We believe that mentally healthy youths make mentally healthy adults and it can be tough being a kid! Shedding a little light on the problems that are plaguing our kids helps and so does money!!” – Doug & Jenn

“I did have a tough time when it came to sponsors, and I suspect it might have to do with the stigma surrounding mental health,” Flis said about his 100 Miles of Hope charity run, which will take him the approximately 150 kilometres from Grimsby to Ellicottville, N.Y. next week.

“So a big part of this is to try to get past that and raise awareness.”

“I think people out there need to know about it and those who are suffering need to know they are not alone,” Flis said.

For me personally… I have run with Doug, Jennifer and the Grimsby runners and I know this run comes from the heart.  Doug is an amazing, positive and encouraging man and coach.   To be perfectly honest..I always struggled with having someone ‘bark’ orders at me when doing any sports, but with Doug, you know he only wants the best for you.. and you just work harder!  At the end you feel better about yourself (not only from the runners high), but because you have someone helping you through the tough part of running.  And then there is the extended running group from Grimsby Runners that offer extended positive support.   We all just need a little encouragement and a little help sometimes.

Our Mental Health Associations need a little help and encouragement.. and here is how we can help.

How you can support Doug to raise money for Mental Health 

  • Pledge Forms – Can be picked up at Grimsby Runners – 14 Ontario Street Grimsby, Ontario
  • Online Pledges (Instructions … Click on “Donate Now” -> put 100 miles of hope run in the “message/instructions box)
  • Sponsorship – Contact Doug / Jennifer – Stop by the store / 905-309-0289 /
  • Pre-run party, charity BBQ & silent auction |  Sept. 7 from noon to 8 p.m., Rikochez Eatery and Pub – 54 Ontario Street Grimsby, Ontario – Facebook Link
  • Pancake Breakfast – Friday morning send off for Doug – Friday 7am – 10am – at Grimsby Runners store 14 Ontario Road – Food courtesy of Butcher and Banker Pub in Beamsville
  • Run along with Doug!  He will love the company!!  He will be running along old HIghway 8.
  • Join the party at the iLEX Inn in Ellicottville, New York – Reception and Charity BBQ – Saturday September 14 Noon – ???

More information

Doug Flis & Jennifer Johnston – Grimsby Runners 14 Ontario Street Grimsby, Ontario L3M 3G9

Phone: 905-309-0289

twitter: @grimsbyrunners
facebook: Grimsby Runners

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