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Training is over : Countdown to GranFondo NF

GranFondo NF Countdown 5days

Training is now over.

It is hard to believe it is the week before the inaugural GranFondo Niagara Falls

Whatever training I needed to do to get ready for this event is now in the past and now the ‘taper’ week is here.  I use the words ‘training’ and ‘taper’ loosely because it really isn’t a race for me.  HOWEVER, preparation is key to having a successful event.  Success to me is being able to complete this, not hurt myself, and be able to recover relatively quickly.  I feel pretty confident that I’ve had enough time in the saddle this summer to be able to do this.

What training did I miss out on that could have helped me?

Most of my rides have been here in Niagara with the group, and sometimes on my own.  Absolutely beautiful for road cycling down here!  However, they haven’t given me too many opportunities to get out on the hills.  Effingham hill is not a big hill, but at the 90km point of the route marked out for Saturday, this may present a bit of a challenge.  I just didn’t get out that way riding much this year!  So, I headed out for a short 40km ride this morning and made sure I rode the hill.  There was no pain, but didn’t have the strength I was hoping for.

What will I do?

I will pace myself early in the ride with anticipation of this hill and make sure I’m hydrated and fueled.  Other than that, I will just do my best!  Will plan to stay over to the right (good place for slower riders)… and then just remember the story of the The Little Red Engine and repeat ” I think I can…I think I can…I think I can…”

This is going to be fun!  I can’t wait.

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