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Ladies of the GranFondo

Ladies, if you are wondering if a GranFondo Cycling event is for you, this video might help answer that question.  

These ladies just completed the GranFondo Canada Whistler (British Columbia, Canada) event last weekend, and here is what they have to say…. #inspiring 

GranFondo Niagara Falls is this Saturday!

Over a thousand cyclists are registered.

1 in 4 of them are women.

Will we ever see 50/50 ratio of Men and Women cycling?

Will we ever see 50/50 ratio of Men and Women cycling?

Not sure about you, but I’d love to see the numbers of men and women attending these events become equal!  50/50.

  1. What can our event organizers do to help make our cycling events more women friendly?
  2. What can the industry do to improve cycling experiences for women – from the retail store, to club rides, to cycling races/events?

Having been in the industry for over 20 years, I’ve seen quite a few changes where women cycling is concerned (all of them positive!) .  So why aren’t our numbers closer to 50/50 men and women?

Ladies and Gents.. if you are up for it, would love to hear your  feedback in the comments below.  (Constructive comments please)


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