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The love for running started when I was a teenager, but I was a runner for many years before that.  As small children we just do it, without any thought to its health benefits (even though this is a wonderful side benefit).  I choose to do it because this is part of a happy life.  When I return from a run or a bike ride, I am sore, sweaty and have a big smile on my face.  Eternal youth.. it starts with our heart’s intentions.

I love to play sports with my kids, hike, ski, snowshoe, kayak, etc.  I do prefer the outdoors first and foremost, but will move inside when I have to. Everyone knows that we are to keep active for our physical health, but there are some many more benefits to our overall well-being by keeping our bodies  moving.  The ability to relieve stress, the quiet time away from electronics, the ability to see the world from a different viewpoint and to explore new territories.  There is, of course, the amazing benefit of community that is out there: Support, accountability, euphoria, and the list goes on.
Having owned my own cycling & outdoor fitness store in Caledon, Ontario CANADA for more than 15 years (Caledon Hills Cycling), I have had the opportunity to meet some amazing people and benefit from their wisdom.  The greatest blessings I have received over the years is having the chance to listen to the stories of their lives, their experiences:  in my store, on the road, on the trail and at events – competitive and recreational.  They are stories from people of all ages. The enthusiasm, the pain, the sense of accomplishment and the sadness are some of the emotions that were obviously there as they told their stories.  No fears of ridicule as they spoke with more than just words.  I always said that if we served beer, it would feel like a bar.  No – we just used the elixir of life as we shared with each other our stories – stories that were full of emotions engrained in every cell of our bodies with the adrenalin that was part of the experience. Unspoken words of understanding, knowing that we would not be judged for inexperience or error in skills: congratulated for our effort to get off the couch and start a journey to move forward.  We are a supportive community of doers.

Taking a bit of time off to explore an industry that is polar opposite to the fitness world, I kept my foot in the door with the help of a very good friend.  Now I have the opportunity to share my outdoor sports experience, knowledge and passion for  health, wellness, community, communication & the great outdoors.  As a business owner, as an athlete – competitive and recreational, as a parent, as a sufferer of fibromylagia & chronic fatigue, as a strategic communicator, as a lover of life and community I offer this blog.

Currently I have the privilege of working with Shimano Canada (which owns Pearl Izumi).  An ethical company that offers quality products supported by a great team of business people who are passionate about their sports.  This leading bicycle component company has now added Pearl Izumi (cycling & run soft-goods) to their business portfolio.  I work as field staff directly for Shimano, as well as sales/marketing support for the Ontario region under J R Hunter Sports Agency.  Know that ALL I write in my posts are MY own thoughts and views and in no way directly reflect Shimano/Pearl Izumi or any of the companies that I am affiliated with.

Please note – I do not profess to be a doctor or specialist in any other area than what I have explained here in the introduction.  Before you start ANY new activity (or push to a new level of activity), please consult your professional health team for advice (doctor, chiropractor, massage therapist, etc.).

Be active, explore, have fun!

Laura Dunkley 

(previously Laura Watson)


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