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Run, Be Free, Be Strong

Run, Be Free, Be Strong

Running Stores:

There are many stores that sell running shoes.  This does NOT make then a running store.  Find a store that specializes in running shoes, clothing and accessories.  They will have a staff that are avid runners who will be able to share their experiences along with the features and benefits of the products they are selling.  They will love to talk to you, even if you are a beginner, because they have the opportunity to share their passion with yet another person.

The Running Room – Ontario Locations

Other Run Stores – Canada Retail Locator

Yellow Pages –  – or find that yellow book that is somewhere near your home phone

Running Groups:

Visit your local independent running store and I am pretty sure you will find a group of runners that leave from the shop.  Ask the staff at the shop on what they would recommend for your level of running.  Often specialty retail locations offer a learn to run clinic – beginners, 5km, 10km, half-marathon or marathon distances as well as club opportunities to support training throughout the year.   It is great to have a group to run with for conversation, learning and to find friends who will encourage you to get out when you really are having second thoughts. |  Check out this Canadian retail store locator for a specialty run store near you.

New online trail running groupTrail Runners in Canada

MeetUps for RunnersPut in your location and see what there is

Activ Running Club – Niagara, Ontario – The focus of the Club is to work with athletes to develop proper technique in swimming, cycling, and running, understanding of endurance and daily nutrition, and general principles of endurance training and racing. –

Great Running Resources:

Canadian Running Magazine – Online

Trailrunner – All there is to know about trail running in Canada

Runners World – Running for Women

Canadian Running Magazine – Canadian Running Magazine is a running magazine covering training, gear, nutrition, races and more!

2 comments on “Running

  1. MF
    October 6, 2011

    I love the design of you site. Iit is also very informative. I used to be an avid runner before kids but has since stopped due to a knee injury and later sciatica problems. I still love it. After each child, I started again to lose the weight. After two children, I have resorted to pushing them in a bicycle stroller while I walk about five miles, five times a week. It was the only way to lose the weight.

    • aceso71
      October 12, 2011

      That is great! Not only are you getting exercise but you get time with your kids. Above all we have to lead by example that active lives are just something that is part of everyday living. What a great example you are leading for your children.

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